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Xtek Line CardLine Card
File Size – 4408KB
Overview of Xtek and our products and services
Brochure PDFEngineering Service Card
File Size – 899KB
Overview of Xtek Engineering Services
Brochure PDFMultilingual Brochure
File Size – 7188MB
Overview of Xtek and our products and services presented in French, German and English languages
Brochure PDFMultilingual Brochure
File Size – 1334KB
Overview of Xtek and our products and services presented in Spanish, Portuguese and Englishlanguages
pinch rolls pdfPinch Rolls
File Size – 7043KB
Comprehensive information about Xtek’s down coiler pinch rolls
View Pinch Rolls Brochure Online
Avon Engineering brochure pdfAvon Engineering – Material Handling Solutions
File Size – 4.8MB
Overview of our lifting equipment, floor based equipment, and fabrication services
Gearbox Brochure PDFGearboxes Brochure
File Size – 3147KB
Brochure on Xtek’s custom gear drives and gear drive reconditioning
View Gearing and Gearboxes Brochure Online
Xtek rope drums brochureRope Drum Brochure
File Size – 5350KB
Overview of Xtek’s rope drum design, benefits and reconditioning service.
crane wheels, track wheels, sheave wheels, brake wheelWheel Products
File Size – 1904KB
Overview of Xtek’s track wheels, crane wheels, sheave wheels, brake wheels and wheel assembly products
crane wheels, track wheels, sheave wheels, brake wheel名稱 輪轂產品
File Size – 1904KB
Gear Couplings PDFGear Couplings Brochure
File Size – 2290KB
Information on all Xtek Gear Coupling products and services.
Mandarin brochure, crane wheels, track wheels, sheave wheels, brake wheelXtek 鼓形齒聯軸器
File Size – 1000KB
Gear Products Brochure PDFGear Products Brochure
File Size – 2MB
Information on the fundamentals of gearing, heat treating and Xtek’s gear cutting technology
View Gear Products Brochure Online
Universal Joints Brochure PDFUniversal Joints
File Size – 844KB
Applications, configuration, design and engineering data on Xtek’s heavy duty universal joints
crane Products & ServicesCrane Products & Services
File Size – 545KB
Overview of our crane products and services
Brochure PDFFormula 800 Coupling Compound
File Size – 2128KB
Detailed information and technical specifications on our proprietary lubricant for gear couplings
gearbox repair pdfService & Repair Center
File Size – 415KB
Overview of repair and reconditioning services offered by our highly skilled experts


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