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In the Power Generation industry, environmental regulations, and capital costs, have limited the number of “new” generating units that are actually being constructed. The concept of “extending the life” of existing units is becoming more favorable from both a cost and reliability standpoint. Xtek’s 100-plus years of experience and expertise will improve the reliability and longevity of critical gear and gearbox applications in existing installations.

Our engineers and metallurgists can perform failure analysis, and reverse engineer components when OEM parts are obsolete or blueprints are not available. We then recommend specific improvements for upgrading the design and/or metallurgy of existing components.

Xtek’s reconditioning process involves the complete disassembly of the product, cleaning, and nondestructive examination of all critical components. A comprehensive engineering report, detailing part condition and inspection findings, along with replacement recommendations is issued to our customer. In addition, our technical experts evaluate the failure mechanisms and recommend upgrade options as applicable.

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