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Xtek Service Capabilities:

Xtek has built its reputation as a supplier of mechanical parts to heavy industry, where failure is not an option. Our service and reconditioning business is supported by dedicated mechanical and metallurgical engineers trained in servicing and improving the performance of mechanical crane components, Steel and Aluminum mill drive systems, industrial gearboxes and wheel assemblies found in many manufacturing applications. We welcome the challenge to evaluate your equipment to identify opportunities to upgrade its performance and reliability.

Field Maintenance (Precision Machine Inc.)

  • Need additional resources for your next downturn? Our trained and certified millwrights can provide the services you need.

Field Installation

  • Xtek will provide engineering and technical support for the installation of our mill gearing and gearboxes.

Field Machining and Alignment

  • Our on-site machining and laser alignment capabilities significantly reduce repair time and installation of critical equipment.

Equipment Installation and Removal

  • Our trained and certified millwrights install equipment that was manufactured and fabricated by Xtek.

Reverse Engineering

  • Have an old gearbox or gear and no drawings? Xtek has the equipment and engineering staff to reverse engineer, and then manufacture, a new replacement.

Failure Analysis

  • Our vast staff of mechanical and metallurgical engineers provide failure analyses of a variety of components.

On-site training

  • Xtek’s technical personnel often provide on-site training on the installation, use, and maintenance of all our product lines.

24 Hour Breakdown Service (513-733-7984)

Product Focus:

Please reference our individual product pages for each of the following:

Field Installation

Equipment Installation and Removal

Reverse Engineering

Failure Analysis



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