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Coupling LubricationAs the leading designer and manufacturer of coupling products, Xtek understands the importance of proper coupling lubrication. And with more than 35 years spent reconditioning gear couplings, we have experienced first-hand the less-than-desirable effects of poor lubricants on couplings.

To maximize coupling life and performance, we developed a lubricant capable of withstanding today’s high torque and high angularity applications. Xtek Formula 800 Compound provides unprecedented resistance to the exceptional heat and friction generated by gear couplings in rolling mill applications. The combination of base stocks and special additives allows Formula 800 to operate over a wide range of temperatures with excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.

The addition of Formula 800 Compound to Xtek’s superior coupling products and comprehensive management and repair programs enables rolling mills to reduce maintenance costs. Ready for delivery, Formula 800 can be shipped to your facility today and working to improve coupling life tomorrow.

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