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The Xtek geared spindle couplings are highly engineered and customized products. The extensive engineering team, which includes mechanical and metallurgical engineers, is involved with every aspect of the geared spindle coupling; from concept and design, through manufacturing, to evaluation, and the eventual servicing and reconditioning. This engineering evolution ensures that each geared spindle coupling is optimized for peak performance.

Xtek has been manufacturing and reconditioning geared spindle couplings for rolling mills around the world for over 50 years. Our designs are based upon this vast experience and knowledge of the mills, and when coupled with our captive manufacturing and Tool Steel Process (TSP), the end result is a very robust geared spindle coupling tailored for your specific application. Xtek couplings contain many state-of-the-art mechanical and metallurgical enhancements that have been supported by our use of some of the most advanced design tools available:

Gear Coupling Design Tools

Using Finite Element Analysis and Advanced Engineering Software to optimize gear mesh wear profiles.

FEA Contact Analysis (use image Hub Gear Model Wear B)
Actual Hub Gear Contact (use image Hub Gear Wear B)

Using FEA to analyze Roll End Casings with replaceable keys versus Integral Spade Bore design.

Roll End Casing with Replaceable Keys
Roll End Casing with Integral Spade Bore
In the replaceable key design, the bolt holes used to fasten the keys to the roll end casing produce high localized stress regions causing a large overall stress gradient compared to the integral
Integral spade bore design creates a much more uniform stress profile.

Optimizing gear tooth geometry to maximize the number of teeth carrying the loads at various operating angles.

Solidworks Ring Gear Hub Contact

Model cut-away view of oil circulating geared spindles.


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