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Xtek Family of Companies Celebrates 115 Years

This year marks the Xtek family of companies’ 115th anniversary. On March 18th, we took the opportunity to honor this remarkable milestone by hosting celebrations across all our facilities. Commemorative flags and banners were displayed and our teams were honored with celebrations featuring a variety of delicious foods. Cash prizes were even awarded to a few lucky folks.

Xtek History

Xtek has come a long way since its humble beginnings as the Tool Steel Gear and Pinion Company, which was officially formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1909 with a principal focus on gears for cranes and street cars. The Xtek family has seen tremendous growth and expansion since then and is now known worldwide for providing expert engineering and metallurgical expertise, along with complete, state-of-the-art machining capabilities.

Xtek Subsidiaries

While Xtek began with the development of the Tool Steel Process (TSP), we’ve never stopped improving our processes and service for our customers. Today Xtek’s products are sold globally, and in addition to our world headquarters in Sharonville, OH, our products and capabilities have grown with strategic expansion to include three more companies in the USA, one in Canada, and another in Europe.

Xtek Family Today and Beyond

The Xtek family is proud to have achieved over a century of success, and altogether, March 18th was a fantastic day of recognition and celebration. We sincerely thank each of our employee-owners and eagerly anticipate reaching our next milestone of 120 years!



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