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Precision Machine, acquired by Xtek in November of 2017 and has since been renamed to Xtek Precision Maintenance, is a leader in machining, fabrication, repair, field maintenance and alignment services for the steel, paper, and chemical industries. Xtek Precision Maintenance employs over 80 people, mainly consisting of highly skilled mechanics, welders and machinists.

Xtek Precision Maintenance has 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space at their headquarters in Paducah, Kentucky.

With the addition of this subsidiary, Xtek has added the key ability to install and remove gearboxes and other mechanical equipment in the drive train of steel and aluminum mills throughout the South and Midwest. Xtek Precision Maintenance can now design, heat treat, manufacture, install and recondition most of the mechanical equipment in the rolling mill drivetrain.

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Precision Machine


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