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In 2012, Xtek acquired Bushman Equipment, Inc., manufacturer of rugged, built-to-order material handling equipment for use in a variety of high-capacity, high-duty cycle industrial applications.

Bushman below-the-hook lifting equipment for both mill duty and industrial applications include C-hooks, coil grabs, coil lifters, vertical lifting equipment, lifting device for cranes, crane attachments, spreader beams, hook blocks, ladle hooks, load weighing, sheet lifters, plate lifters, bundle lifters, crane lifting attachments, pallet lifters, lifting tongs, roll handling equipment, drum tilters and rotating axis grabs. Their proven designs for durable, heavy duty material handling equipment maximize crane payloads with lower tare weights. Capacities range from 50 pounds to hundreds of tons.

Bushman also custom designs and manufactures a variety of floor-based, heavy-duty material handling equipment. The product line includes hydraulic upenders, mechanical upenders, load inverters, transfer cars, lift platforms, jib cranes, mobile gantry cranes and other special machines.

Through innovative thinking and value engineering, Bushman has created material handling products that deliver performance, safety, and long service life. To learn more about Bushman Equipment, please visit their website at

Bushman Equipemnt


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