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Replacement GearingXtek built its reputation as a supplier to heavy industry as the “Tool Steel Gear and Pinion Company”, founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in 1909. Our company pioneered a unique method of hardening steel known as the Tool Steel Process (TSP). Today, along with the other products we have developed, we continue to focus on providing custom gears, made to your drawing specifications, or reverse engineered. We can also supply custom gears redesigned to meet your increasing demands.

Advantages of Xtek Custom Gears and Replacement Gearing:

  • Material and heat treatment selected to provide the optimum performance in your specific application
  • Carburized gearing capable of providing 30-50% more torque than through hardened gearing
  • A deep, uniformly carburized case across the entire profile and root provides superior wear and strength properties
  • Reverse engineering, design upgrade and failure analysis services are available to assure that your custom gearing requirements are satisfied
  • 100% interchangeable with OEM supplied gearing

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Spur, Helical, and Herringbone up to 210″
  • Straight Tooth Bevel Custom Gearing up to 72″
  • In-house heat treating and metallurgical expertise
  • Carburizing, through hardening and stress relieving
  • AGMA 12 capability
Replacement GearingPrecision tooth grinding and certification capability.
Replacement GearingState of the art custom gear cutting assures dimensional accuracy.

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