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Gear ReconditioningMost industrial gearing can be reconditioned, providing cost savings and improved performance.

Over time, the surface of the gear teeth wear, pit or spall due to the conditions under which they operate. To gain longer life for this worn gearing, the gear teeth can be machined or ground to re-establish tooth geometry.

Gear reconditioning should be considered when it is necessary to repair the bores in your gearbox housing or in the event that only a single member of the gear set is being replaced. Reconditioning will address previous wear in the gearing and ensure proper gear contact.

Gear reconditioning begins with a thorough mechanical and NDT inspection of the gear teeth to determine the extent of the wear and detect the presence of any indications (cracks). Our engineers will then evaluate the amount of tooth loss, along with the anticipated tooth loss necessary to reestablish the tooth profile. Our recommendations to recondition the gear will be based on the increase in backlash and the reduction in rating of the gear (strength and durability).

Xtek will document the “as received” condition of the gear and certify the final results of our machining in accordance with AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) quality standards.

Xtek provides failure analysis (FEA), reverse engineering, onsite gear inspections and installation support. Our engineering team will work with you to not only repair, but to improve the performance of your gearing.

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