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Universal joint reconditioning services for our European customers are provided from dedicated service facilities based in Ghent, Belgium and Plzen, Czech Republic. Consistent with the Xtek approach, our goal is to lower operating costs through improvements in design, material and quality.

We not only service Xtek universal joint designs, but those of our competitors. All replacement components and repairs will return your assembly to the OEM standard or better.

An Xtek service engineer will evaluate each component to determine if it is working properly and make recommendations for any needed upgrades that will enhance the performance of the universal joint assembly.

Our reconditioning approach for universal joint assemblies includes the following:

  • Complete a comprehensive mechanical and non-destructive analysis
  • Provide a detailed inspection report
  • FIRM recondition costs before proceeding with any repairs

To learn more about how Xtek Europe service centres can help your operations, contact an Xtek Europe Contact today.

Xtek Universal Joints

Xtek Universal Joints