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Xtek sheave wheels are manufactured using a medium carbon steel, with the throat of the wheel hardened to 58+ HRC. This special method of hardening prevents wear caused by the twisting of the wire rope during operation.

Xtek sheave wheels provide improved performance life over common industrial sheave wheels by a factor of 10 or more times. In addition, independent testing confirms that the Xtek sheave wheels significantly improve the life of the wire rope, often 3 to 5 times.

The hardened throat of the sheave wheel allows the wire rope to twist freely, eliminating pinching of the wire rope which cause fraying or strand breakage. Figure #1 illustrates a sheave wheel with throat damage after only 6 months of service, compared to an Xtek sheave wheel that was in the same application for over 2 years.

Benefits from using Xtek Sheave Wheels include:

  • Significant maintenance cost savings
  • Reduction in crane downtime

To learn more about Xtek sheave wheels, contact your Xtek Europe Contact.

Xtek Sheave Wheels

Xtek Sheave Wheels
Figure 1