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New and Reconditioning Service

Xtek mill pinions are manufactured at our Cincinnati, Ohio, USA facility. At this facility, our state-of-the-art machining and heat treat equipment produce mill pinions to the highest quality standards available. Each set of mill pinions is evaluated for the demands of the application. Our goal is to lower operating costs through improvements in design, material and quality.

  • Carburized and Hardened
  • Through Hardened
  • Up to Din 4 Quality
Xtek Mill Pinions
Mill pinion reconditioning for our European customers is provided by our service facility based in Ghent, Belgium. Our reconditioning approach for mill pinion assemblies includes the following:

  • Mechanical and non-destructive inspection of the mill pinion and components
  • Evaluation of tooth surface for in service contact
  • Strength and durability analysis of the mill pinion set in its current condition
  • Weld repair of the mill pinion journal diameters
  • Repair or replacement of components – couplings, bearings

To learn more about Xtek mill pinions and how our Europe Service centre can help your operations, contact an Xtek Europe Contact today.

Xtek Mill Pinions