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Xtek Guide RollersGuide rollers and guide roller assemblies are found in many overhead and gantry cranes. Guide rollers are manufactured using vacuum degassed, medium carbon steel forgings. These rollers then undergo the Xtek heat treatment which delivers a “contour hardened” tread surface with a 58+ HRC surface hardness. The effective hardened case achieved by the Xtek method of heat treatment extends 5 mm below the surface, while maintaining ductility in the base material to prevent spalling.

Depending on configuration and requirement, Xtek can produce the guide roller assembly from a simple guide roller mounted on a shaft to a complete guide roller assembly with bearings, bearing housings and other elements. Xtek engineers can also offer strength upgrades and improvements of the assembly features such as the shaft and other elements that may be prone to premature failures.

Xtek guide rollers provide improved performance life typically by a factor or 3 to 8 times over common industrial guide rollers. In addition, independent testing confirms that the Xtek guide roller will dramatically improve the life of the crane rail.

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