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Xtek crane wheels (tyres) are utilized in overhead crane and industrial rail applications. The Xtek crane wheel provides the mechanical and metallurgical properties needed to defend against the 4 modes of failure most common to crane wheels in heavy industrial applications:

  • Flange Wear, Flange Fracture, Tread Wear and Tread Spalling

Using vacuum degassed, medium carbon steel forgings, the special Xtek heat treatment delivers a “contour hardened” tread with a 58+ HRC surface hardness. The effective hardened case achieved by the Xtek method of heat treatment extends 5 mm below the surface, while maintaining ductility in the base material to prevent breakage of the flanges or spalling in the tread.

Benefits of the Xtek Crane Wheel:

  • Increased wheel service life, reducing maintenance expense (3 to 8 times)
  • Vertical load carrying capacity is increased by 40% over common industrial crane wheels
  • Extend rail service life

Xtek maintains an inventory of forged blanks. Standard delivery for hardened crane wheels for our Plzen manufacturing facility is 8 weeks, but can be reduced to a matter of days should that be required by our customers.

Please contact your Xtek Europe Contact to discuss your specific application or any problems you are experiencing with your crane wheels.

Xtek Crane Wheels

Xtek Crane Wheels