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New and reconditioned crane wheel assemblies are available from our Xtek Europe facilities in a variety of configurations. From a crane wheel mounted on a shaft, to a complete crane wheel assembly with bearings, bearing housings, coupling and gear, Xtek can provide the complete drop-in solution.

Xtek Engineers can improve the existing design of your crane wheel assemblies by addressing the material, design and heat treatment of each of the components (wheel, shaft, gear, bearing housings, and coupling) if the application is prone to premature failures.

The Xtek crane wheel assembly is designed to replace the original equipment manufactured assembly without modifications to the existing equipment. The assembly contains the Xtek crane wheel with the embedded metallurgical properties that provide a long service life.

Xtek Crane Wheel Assemblies

Benefits of Xtek Crane Wheel Assemblies:

  • Xtek “Contour Hardened” 58-62 HRC Crane Wheel
  • 40 % additional vertical load capability over softer industrial quality Crane Wheels
  • 3 to 8 times the service life

The same performance advantages are therefore maintained with increased wear life of both the crane wheel and the existing crane rail, along with improved vertical load carrying capability.

Please contact your Xtek Europe Contact to discuss a specific application or any problems you are experiencing with your crane wheel assemblies.

Xtek Crane Wheel Assemblies Xtek Crane Wheel Assemblies