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Reclaim roll life through Xtek’s Roll Reconditioning and Repair Services.

The bearing journals of forged steel work rolls often become worn below blueprint specifications after many extended campaigns in the mill. Occasionally, the bearings themselves become hot enough to cause complete seizure of the bearing onto the journals. This not only causes catastrophic failure of the bearing and races, but compromises the chocks and the rolls. Xtek’s roll reconditioning and repair services can include the removal of seized chocks and bearings, and more importantly, the weld repair of the roll journals.

Xtek roll repair service
Xtek roll repair service
Xtek Roll Repair photo

Slinger rings can be the Achilles heel of very expensive backup rolls. Slinger ring damage can be extensive enough to render a backup roll unusable. Xtek’s roll repair services can replace damaged slinger rings on backup rolls. Slinger rings can be replaced with a new hardened plastic material or with standard alloy steel varieties. This service can also include the reconditioning of the body-to-journal fillet radii, roll body end-face damage removal, and bearing journal weld repair.

Xtek’s Roll Reconditioning and Repair Services extend into the specialty roll area as well. Periodic or routine maintenance programs on Hot Strip Mill Edger Rolls and Downcoiler Pinch Rolls are a part of the services conducted Xtek. These programs often include the machining of a pass-line profile or the regrinding of the body diameters. Edger Roll and Pinch Roll assemblies can be disassembled, reconditioned, and re-assembled as part of this service.

Xtek roll repair service
Xtek roll repair service

Remember, a damaged or worn roll doesn’t have to end up on the scrap pile. Contact an Xtek representative to let our reconditioning and repair services reclaim the life of your damaged or worn rolls.



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