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Xtek is known throughout the North American steel industry as a leading supplier of high quality forged steel work rolls for flat rolling cold tandem and temper mills.

Xtek makes rolls in the range of 12″ to 28″ body diameter and 20″ to 100″ body length.

Xtek uses only the highest quality vacuum degassed clean steel, properly forged to meet the strictest ultrasonic testing standards in the roll industry. Xtek’s standard material grade containing 3 percent chromium and .5 percent molybdenum is widely used and accepted as a standard forged work roll grade.

Beginning with the highest quality forging, Xtek applies its unique Hi Gradient Heat Treatment to achieve the microstructure needed for high performance in the rolling mill.

For volume customers, Xtek has a roll stocking program so your rolls are available on short notice. Contact us or call for details.

Forged Cold Mill RollsSpecifications of every forging are documented to initiate the manufacturing cycle.
Forged Cold Mill RollsUltrasonic testing verifies the physical integrity of each forging.
Forged Cold Mill RollsHeat treating processes are monitored and controlled by computers according to a predetermined model.
Forged Cold Mill RollsQuenching occurs at the precise moment to achieve the desired properties to fit.
Forged Cold Mill RollsFinish machining assures conformity to consumer blueprints.
Forged Cold Mill RollsAfter a second ultrasonic test, rolls are finish ground to specification and eddy current tested.
Forged Cold Mill RollsA final dimensional inspection verifies adherence to customer blueprints.
Forged Cold Mill RollsEach approved mill roll is marked with deep, white serial numbers for easy identification.


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