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As a designer and manufacturer of crane wheels and crane wheel assemblies, Xtek is an excellent choice to rebuild your existing assemblies. No matter the original equipment manufacturer, Xtek is capable of providing a complete analysis of your existing wheel assemblies and making sound recommendations to improve performance. We specialize in optimizing the performance of your crane wheel assemblies and in minimizing your inventory requirements.

Crane Wheel Assemblies - ReconditioningIncoming Inspection – A service engineer will review the wheel assembly after disassembly and cleaning to document the condition of each component and to identify opportunities for improving performance.
Crane Wheel Assemblies - ReconditioningMechanical and Non-Destructive Testing – A complete mechanical and non-destructive test is performed on every critical component.
Crane Wheel Assemblies - ReconditioningDetailed Report Noting our Findings, Recommendations and Firm Repair Costs – As part of our evaluation of your wheel assembly, our engineers often provide recommendations to improve the performance and capability. Our FIRM reconditioning cost is provided with our technical report.
Crane Wheel Assemblies - ReconditioningManufacturing and Repair – The bearing housings, axle and other mechanical components will be repaired or replaced to meet and often exceed the OEM design. A new Xtek manufactured wheel will be provided if required. We recommend that new bearings and seals be installed.
Crane Wheel Assemblies - ReconditioningField Support – Xtek service engineers are available to assist in evaluating your existing wheel assemblies and to provide technical support for the wheels utilized on your equipment.

Product Focus:

  • 12″ to 50″ tread diameter wheels
  • Drive or idler assemblies
  • Various bearing designs, with emphasis on “AP” bearings
  • Reverse engineer or redesign your existing equipment

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