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Heavy Duty Gearboxes are typically designed for high number cycles, heavy loads and have a service factor of 1.5 or greater. These gearboxes frequently perform a very critical function within a process and often weigh in excess of several thousand pounds. Heavy duty gearboxes are usually labor intensive to remove and install into position. They can be found in numerous factories, plants, mills and mines throughout the world.
Heavy Duty Gearboxes

History of a Gearbox

A domestic aluminum company needed to expand the product range that they offered to include thicker sheet product. As a result, they needed a new two-speed gearbox designed and manufactured to be installed between the motor and another gearbox to generate higher torque in the system.
Heavy Duty Gearboxes
Xtek was able to create this gearbox from simply having the power, speed and torque requirements as well as knowing how much physical space existed for the gearbox.

The gearbox was designed with features such as an internal pneumatic shifting mechanism, fully pressurized and individually adjustable lubrication system and proximity sensors.

It was designed, manufactured and installed on-time and on-budget, as is the norm when working with Xtek.

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