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Mineral Processing KilnsIn the mineral processing industry, there are many areas where the equipment is required to handle extremely rough and difficult conditions and the rotary kiln application is no exception. When you are rotating valuable raw material through a kiln with gases heated to extremely high temperatures and the equipment itself can weigh as much as 1000 tons or more, reliability and long life are two very critical factors.

The trunnion rollers that support the kiln must be very smooth and machined to tight tolerances to reduce friction and resist surface damage that may impart damage to the tires. The Drive, or Girth gear and the gearbox that drives it must be able to not only withstand the heat of the operation, but must be designed to produce enough torque to start up such a heavy device from a standing position.

This is where Xtek’s metallurgical and engineering knowledge combine to design and manufacture the highest quality components to withstand the demanding operating conditions.

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