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Xtek’s Manufacturing Facility Gets Increased Capacity With Installation of New Hofler Gear Grinder

New Hofler Gear Grinder

July 23, 2007 – Continuing in the wake of the comprehensive facilities expansion begun in 2003, Xtek, Inc. has invested an additional $1.8 million in its large gear manufacturing capability with the installation of a
Hofler Rapid II 2600 CNC gear tooth profile grinder. This new addition will allow Xtek to finish gears to a quality AGMA level 15. The customer benefits of Xtek’s increased capacity can be seen in reduced lead times and even higher levels of product reliability.

Xtek’s new Hofler Rapid II 2600 machine can grind gears up to a diameter of 2,600mm [102.5 inches], with face widths up to 1,500mm [59 inches] and weights of 25,000 kg [55,000 lbs] to a Din 1 [AGMA Q15] quality level.

Another important feature of the new machine is the capability of grinding internal gearing down to 200mm [7.8 inches] on the ID. What’s more, Xtek has had the grinder fitted with an onboard inspection tool, allowing the finished gear to be verified before being removed from the grinder. When compared with the traditional method of gear inspection, which takes place off the machine, this technique provides additional time savings when checking the accuracy of large gearing.

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