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Xtek Wheel Delivery Breakthroughs

track wheelXtek has staked its place as a leading industrial wheel product innovator. Our history of solving tough problems began in the early 20th century with the development of a steel hardening method, which would ultimately become known as the Tool Steel Process (TSP). Since that first innovation, we have continued to refine and apply our design, metallurgical, and heat-treatment techniques in the development of wheel products for a wide range of industries.
Xtek delivers a variety of heavy-duty, industrial wheel products known to meet and often exceed original manufacturer specifications:

  • Crane Wheels and Track Wheels – Contour case hardened crane and track wheels have a superior safety record throughout all heavy duty industrial applications
  • Tyres and Rollers – Contour case hardened tyres and guide rollers are known worldwide for superior durability and reliability
  • Sheave Wheels – TSP carburized and hardened sheave wheels are engineered to safely lift the most demanding heavy loads
  • Brake Wheels – Xtek Steel Safe™ brake wheels are mechanically engineered to provide safe operation in the harshest environments

Our worldwide base of customers use Xtek wheel products in heavy duty applications within the most demanding and challenging applications. Xtek wheel delivery breakthroughs have elevated the standard for industrial wheel products throughout the industry. Xtek standard wheels are typically quoted at 6-8 weeks or even sooner when needed or if an emergency arises. In certain instances, we can make a wheel in as little as a week!

Highly Engineered and Customized Wheel Products

The Xtek engineering team is immersed in our wheel manufacturing and heat-treat process from concept and design to installation. We monitor and evaluate our wheel products with an eye for on-going improvement and enhancement. Eventually when servicing is necessary, our engineering team provides expert reconditioning options for wheel assemblies.

Wheel Products Machined to Precise Tolerances and Specifications

Xtek maintains factories and facilities dedicated solely to wheel manufacturing. We invest in advanced equipment and processes to offer our customers the highest level of capability to develop machined component parts and complete wheel assemblies. We deliver wheel products fabricated to exact specifications and precise tolerances for unsurpassed service.

Metallurgy and Thermal Processing for Superior Wheel Performance

Xtek’s precise and repeatable metallurgical processes deliver optimal product life and the highest degree of safety. Our metallurgists choose the best material and heat treatment from a host of options. Xtek TSP processes allow for the customization of wheel component properties resulting in the best performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

Dedicated to Service and Beyond with all Xtek Wheel Products

You can count on Xtek for excellence, experience, and expertise applied throughout the development of your wheels and wheel assemblies. Our team continues serving your needs through regional service and reconditioning facilities, all staffed with mechanical and metallurgical engineers. Xtek wheel advantages include:

  • A stocked and ready raw material inventory for quick response
  • Standard wheels are typically quoted at 6-8 weeks (depending on workload)
  • Emergency service available – a wheel can be made in as little as a week!
  • Improvement and enhancement of wheel design and reliability
  • 3D laser scanner for highly precise engineering analysis when no drawings are available

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