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No Drawings? No Problem with Reverse Engineering

reverse engineeringWhen part repair or replacement is necessary, a lack of drawings or the inability to find the original manufacturer can seem like an insurmountable problem. As you attempt to work out a solution, costly downtime can hold back your productivity and profitability. Fortunately, a skilled and experienced manufacturer of custom industrial components can fulfill your needs through reverse engineering.

The reverse engineering process begins by sending in a sample component (failed, new or otherwise) and any additional information that can be provided about the part. An analysis is done by closely inspecting the component visually, mechanically and dimensionally which will provide us the information required to manufacture the identical component. Furthermore, by combining the use of advanced photogrammetry technology and hands on mechanical measurements, Xtek can digitally scan 3D components of any size or shape to more accurately measure and define part geometries of all sorts.

Part Origin and Function

A thorough research process should always precede any reverse engineering project. Understanding the history and function of the component is critical in designing a replacement that will not only perform the needed operation, but could be re-designed to outperform the original. It is important to know the load the component sees as well as the conditions under which it operates. Having this information (if it is available) allows for proper material selection as well as selecting a proper heat-treating process.

Cause of the Breakage or Failure

The goal of any repair or restoration should be to create a long-lasting solution, not just a quick fix. The best way to do that is to thoroughly consider why the component failed. Qualified engineers can determine the mode of failure in most instances through a series of tests, examinations and by utilizing different equipment at their disposal.

It is also important to carefully consider the choice of material and the heat treatment options. Was this material and heat-treatment combination originally chosen due to cost concerns or because of the beneficial metallurgical characteristics that would enhance performance?

Creation of Drawings and Documentation

Xtek will create detailed drawings of all components that are manufactured.  These drawings will be used to both manufacture and inspect the component.  The drawing will capture any modifications or upgrades that were made to the component. In addition, the drawing will be kept on file indefinitely at Xtek, should the component need to be manufactured or repaired again in the future.   

Xtek has extensive experience in reverse engineering with over 60 engineers on staff, to meet customer challenges in repairing or replacing failed, failing or undocumented components. Contact us to discuss your needs.



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