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Xtek Replacement Gearing Comes Through in a Pinch

Rush, Emergency and Breakdown are three words that separate Xtek from our competition.  We take a great deal of pride in being the vendor of choice when a critical piece of equipment needs to be replaced or repaired, and speed is of the essence.

Recently, one of our customers experienced a catastrophic failure in a large gearbox. Even though the original failed gearing was not manufactured by Xtek, we were asked to provide new replacement carburized, hardened and ground tooth gearing to get this customer back in operation fast.

The gearing and gearbox housing were evaluated by our engineering team, production drawings were developed and six new gear components were launched into production.

This was no small undertaking. The output gear assembly weighed in at over 60,000 lbs with an overall length of 10 and a half feet. The output gears were over 90″ in diameter, carburized to 58-64 HRc, and featured AGMA quality 12+ ground teeth with a 0.75 diametral pitch.

Upon completion, Xtek confirmed the contact pattern of each of the mating gear sets on our in-house test stand. The pattern was perfect! The gear and shaft pinion assemblies were completed and Xtek installed bearings.

After the on-site installation, the contact patterns between the mating gear sets were observed prior to start up and after a trial period, which again replicated the results originally observed at Xtek. Within nine weeks of receiving the customer’s approval to proceed Xtek’s team produced six large gear components, completed three shaft pinion and gear assemblies, and confirmed proper operating conditions under load.

We ask that you consider Xtek in the event of a rush, emergency or breakdown situation at your facility.

Our 24 Hour service number is 513-733-7984 or you can visit for further information on our company.

gearbox replacement

gearbox replacement

gearbox replacement



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