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Bringing New Life to Worn Equipment

Xtek is always prepared to assess and undertake major overhauls of customer equipment.

Recently, Xtek was tasked with evaluating and refurbishing equipment from two regional steel mill customers that had seen extensive use. One instance involved a gearbox assembly that required not only a standard evaluation and refurbishment but also an upgrade to its lubrication system to better handle the heat it experiences while in operation on a crane. Another instance involved two end trucks that were in poor condition and necessitated a complete overhaul.

In both cases when received, Xtek puts them thru our normal evaluation process:

  • High pressure wash the entire assembly removing all dirt and grease
  • Disassemble all components
  • Blast components to removed paint and rust
  • Perform visual and dimensional inspections on all components
  • Perform wet magnetic particle inspections by level one or two certified inspectors on all relevant components

Our Service Engineering team then evaluated the inspection results and developed the appropriate repair work scope.

  • Reverse engineer all components that did not have drawings
  • Repair all salvageable components where possible
  • Manufacture any new components that were worn beyond repair
  • Replace all bearings, seals, lubrication components, etc.
  • Re-assemble complete and paint
  • For the gearbox, perform a run test and confirm bearing temperatures, seal integrity and lube system functionality, and vibration levels.

All work was completed in-house, as Xtek is a turnkey operation with extensive heat-treatment, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. This allows Xtek to respond quickly to customers’ needs, even when they require a fast turnaround on large projects. Consider Xtek for all your heavy industrial repair needs.



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