The Effect of Gear Coupling Quality on Steel Production

Gear CouplingThe gear couplings you use in your steel production process are critical.  These highly engineered assemblies should be customized to exceed the requirements of your steel mill application. The reliability of your gear couplings has a direct impact on your productivity and ultimately your profitability.

The questions we hear most often about gear couplings are about service life and maintenance costs. These are important considerations that will have an impact on how well your steel production processes run. Read more …

Xtek Presents…Steel Mills Go to the Movies

Screenshot from Terminator 2
Scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Image courtesy of

We think the sights, sounds, and overall atmosphere of a steel mill are pretty cool. But that would not be surprising, since we are an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial custom machined and heat-treated parts and component assemblies. What might not be so widely known is that we are apparently not alone in our admiration of the industrial steel scene. Did you know that steel mills have been the location of choice for scenes for several popular movies? The following are a few famous films that have capitalized on the special effect of an industrial steel mill as a movie setting. (Information is courtesy of Read more …

No Drawings? No Problem with Reverse Engineering

reverse engineeringWhen part repair or replacement is necessary, a lack of drawings or the inability to find the original manufacturer can seem like an insurmountable problem. As you attempt to work out a solution, costly downtime can hold back your productivity and profitability. Fortunately, a skilled and experienced manufacturer of custom industrial components can fulfill your needs through reverse engineering.

Read more …

Industrial Gearbox Repair – Replacement May Not be Necessary

Industrial GearboxIndustrial gearbox problems can be costly. Gearbox issues are often a serious set-back in terms of down time simply due to replacement availability. A new gearbox generally takes several months to get from the OEM (if they are still in business). But did you know that in most cases, gearbox replacement is not required? Gearbox repair services can restore gearbox performance for substantially less than the cost of replacement. The right gearbox repair team can improve upon the OEM design, giving you a better than new gearbox.

Speed is an important advantage gained with gearbox repair over replacement. In many cases, gearbox repair can be done in less time than the time it takes to order a new box, getting you back to productivity and profitability sooner. Read more …

Xtek Corporate Brochure

XtekCorporateBroch-CoverIf You Haven’t Heard… Xtek Has a New Brochure!

The brochure highlights our technologies, capabilities, and the benefits our customers realize when utilizing our performance based products. Xtek products improve the system they are employed within, this has been the case since 1909 and will continue into the 21st century.

Click here to view our new Corporate brochure.

Xtek’s reach is global, with manufacturing and service facilities located in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Xtek technical sales personnel are located worldwide to support our customers. Read more …

Xtek Continues as Industry Leader


Xtek and our subsidiaries, Avon Engineering and Bradley Lifting, are proud to announce our membership acceptance into the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA). CMAA is an independent trade organization associated with the Material Handling Industry. CMAA is recognized as the leading advocate for the safe application and operation of overhead traveling crane equipment and related products. Read more …

Xtek Wheel Products

partsXtek wheel products are used worldwide in some of the most demanding applications. Products include Crane Wheels, Sheave Wheels and Brake Wheels for overhead and gantry cranes; as well as a host of other material handling applications.

These worldwide applications benefit from Xtek wheels because of our expertise with material and customized heat treatments options. Each Xtek wheel is produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facilities. Xtek’s proven and repeatable processes result in Xtek wheel products that provide increased service, increased capability and increased safety for your operations. Read more …

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Xtek Replacement Gearing Comes Through in a Pinch

gearbox replacementgearbox replacementgearbox replacement

Rush, Emergency and Breakdown are three words that separate Xtek from our competition.  We take a great deal of pride in being the vendor of choice when a critical piece of equipment needs to be replaced or repaired, and speed is of the essence.

Recently, one of our customers experienced a catastrophic failure in a large gearbox. Even though the original failed gearing was not manufactured by Xtek, we were asked to provide new replacement carburized, hardened and ground tooth gearing to get this customer back in operation fast.

The gearing and gearbox housing were evaluated by our engineering team, production drawings were developed and six new gear components were launched into production. Read more …

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Xtek Makes New Investments in Manufacturing

In response to the ever increasing requirements for quality ground tooth gearing by our customers, Xtek has invested in several new state-of-the-art machines to support our custom gearing, gearbox and geared coupling businesses.

Hofler 1200 tooth grinderXtek has acquired a Hofler 1200 and a Gleason P-1200-G gear tooth grinder, to compliment the Hofler 2600 tooth grinder we purchased just a few years ago. These new machines provide additional capacity for grinding both external and internal gear teeth, at the high AGMA levels (AGMA 12-15) our customers require. The size capacities of these new machines are: Read more …

Xtek announces the purchase of AVON ENGINEERING

AVON ENGINEERINGIn January of 2012, Avon Engineering joined the Xtek family of companies. Avon Engineering has an excellent reputation in the design, manufacture and reconditioning of lifting equipment, floor based material handling equipment and coil packaging equipment.

Going forward, this facility will operate as Xtek Canada – Avon Engineering. Our focus will be on supporting the growth of the custom engineered products that Avon Engineering provided in the past, along with developing a crane wheel and gearbox reconditioning business.

To learn more about Avon Engineering or have one of our representatives give you a call, please visit our web site at