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Xtek Wheel Products

partsXtek wheel products are used worldwide in some of the most demanding applications. Products include Crane Wheels, Sheave Wheels and Brake Wheels for overhead and gantry cranes; as well as a host of other material handling applications.

These worldwide applications benefit from Xtek wheels because of our expertise with material and customized heat treatments options. Each Xtek wheel is produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facilities.

Xtek’s proven and repeatable processes result in Xtek wheel products that provide increased service, increased capability and increased safety for your operations.

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The brochure highlights the benefits to crane maintenance personnel when utilizing an Xtek TSP hardened crane wheel. The Xtek crane wheel works to improve the rail life by reducing wear on both wheel and the rail.

The brochure also details the 40% increase in load carrying capability of an Xtek crane wheel, case studies of increased life, safety, cost savings, and much more.

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