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Xtek, Inc. Announces The Acquisition of Sherbrooke, Ltd.’s Uniflex Universal Joint Product Line

July 23, 2007 – With the addition of the assets of Sherbrooke Ltd.’s Uniflex universal joint product line, Xtek – the global leader in the geared coupling category – can now offer steel mills, aluminum mills, paper mills, and mills of all types a complete selection of driveshafts to provide the perfect solution for any operating conditions. To the Uniflex universal joint product offerings, Xtek brings its world famous metallurgical expertise, including the proprietary TSP carburizing process.

From its Cincinnati manufacturing aND heat treating facilities, Xtek continues to offer universal joint application engineering and consulting services for high speed, high angularity applications in rod and bar mills, cold finishing mills, tube mills, edger mills and casters. TSP carburized Xtek Uniflex u-joints are available in a full range of casing sizes from 250 mm – 900 mm, with a casing metallurgy selected specifically for the demands of the application. Metallurgical considerations in universal joint specifications include: required hardness, case depth, carbon content, load / contact stress, roll neck / casing configuration, and general operating environment.

In addition, to new equipment sales and service, Xtek will also continue to offer full universal joint reconditioning and repair services through the Xtek Service & Repair Center in Cincinnati. Click here for more information on Universal Joints.



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