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Save Time and Money with Rope Drum Repairs

A compromised rope drum can lead to serious and costly problems for your facility. While it is critical to address rope drum issues quickly, if you’re like a lot of our customers, you may not realize that replacement is not the only option. In fact, reconditioning of rope drums consistently saves Xtek customers a lot of time and money!

When rope drum problems arise due to a component failure or groove wear, your first step should be to contact the Xtek team for an evaluation.

The following is a recent example of a scenario that happens quite often at Xtek. Our regional steel mill customer requested a price for a new rope drum. We convinced them to send us the damaged rope drum for evaluation first.

The rope drum assembly was received for evaluation due to a bearing failure that caused significant damage to the drum shaft. Our standard disassembly, cleaning and inspection process was performed as follows:

  • High pressure washing of the entire assembly to remove all dirt and grease
  • Disassembly of all components
  • Blasting of components to removed paint and rust
  • Performance of visual and dimensional inspections on all components
  • Performance of wet magnetic particle inspections by level one or two certified inspectors on all relevant components
  • Verification of drum shell thickness and service factor before and after machining of drum sleeve where required

After our service engineering team evaluated the inspection results, the following repair scope was established:

  • Machine out the damaged shaft
  • Reverse engineer damaged shaft
  • Manufacture and install a new replacement stub shaft
  • Reverse engineer drum gear
  • Manufacture new carburized and hardened drum gear
  • Replace bearings
  • Reassemble and paint

All of the work for this project was performed in-house. Xtek is a turnkey operation with extensive heat-treatment, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities on-site. This allows us to respond to our customers quickly when they are in a tight spot and need a quick turnaround.

Please consider Xtek, not only for rope drum repair but all of your heavy industrial repair needs. Contact us to discuss your project.

Rope Drum As Received
Finished Product
Finished Product


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