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New Xtek Facility Development Underway

Xtek is excited to announce that the expansion of our Sharonville, Ohio facility is now underway! This new building will house new employees, equipment, and operations that will significantly expand our capabilities as a leading provider of custom engineered components for industries worldwide.

As steel begins to arrive at the work site, the sight has been especially gratifying for Xtek, knowing this steel was made in the U.S. by one of our best customers.

According to building plans, the completed facility will be 15,000 square feet. Initially a 25-ton crane will be installed, and plans will accommodate an option for a 60-ton crane if required in the near future.

Xtek plans to staff the new facility with 5 to 10 new employees. Xtek has been growing rapidly over the last two years, adding 72 people to the Sharonville campus. We are extremely proud of our outstanding team and the quality individuals that contribute to our success on a daily basis. This opportunity to expand that team is a welcomed boon, not only for Xtek, but for the Sharonville community.

Xtek has invested in a 2.8 meter Gleason P2800 Gear Hobbing Machine (similar to the machine shown in the photo) that will be installed in the new facility. This new system will greatly increase Xtek’s tooth cutting capacity. Gleason Hobbing Machines offer maximum productivity for roughing and finishing operations on cylindrical gears for many industries. Gleason is a leader in the development and manufacture of production systems for all types of gears including gear and transmission design software, machines, workholding, tools, automation as well as the design and production of plastic gears.

Primary operations occurring at the new Xtek facility will be gear cutting and final assembly for gearboxes, gear assemblies and mill pinion assemblies. The scheduled completion date will be later this summer, on August, 1, 2019.



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