Xtek Makes New Investments in Manufacturing

In response to the ever increasing requirements for quality ground tooth gearing by our customers, Xtek has invested in several new state-of-the-art machines to support our custom gearing, gearbox and geared coupling businesses.

Hofler 1200 tooth grinderXtek has acquired a Hofler 1200 and a Gleason P-1200-G gear tooth grinder, to compliment the Hofler 2600 tooth grinder we purchased just a few years ago. These new machines provide additional capacity for grinding both external and internal gear teeth, at the high AGMA levels (AGMA 12-15) our customers require. The size capacities of these new machines are:

External Tooth Grinding Capacity:
• 102.4” Maximum Diameter
• 59” Face Width

Internal Tooth Grinding Capacity:
• 90” Pitch Diameter
• 19” Face Width

Another machine we acquired is to expand our internal gear and spline machining capability. Our new Gleason P-1200/1600-S machine allows us to manufacture components with internal pitch diameters of up to 62”, and with a gear face width of up to 13.25”.

Xtek supports our gearing and geared coupling customers with a host of CNC equipment, to compliment our in-house heat treatment for both through hardened and carburized gearing.
Xtek machinery investment



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