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Industrial Gearbox Repair – Replacement May Not be Necessary

Industrial GearboxIndustrial gearbox problems can be costly. Gearbox issues are often a serious set-back in terms of down time simply due to replacement availability. A new gearbox generally takes several months to get from the OEM (if they are still in business). But did you know that in most cases, gearbox replacement is not required? Gearbox repair services can restore gearbox performance for substantially less than the cost of replacement. The right gearbox repair team can improve upon the OEM design, giving you a better than new gearbox.

Speed is an important advantage gained with gearbox repair over replacement. In many cases, gearbox repair can be done in less time than the time it takes to order a new box, getting you back to productivity and profitability sooner.

When is Gear Box Repair an Option?

In most instances, turnaround time is critical to the end user. A well-qualified and equipped gearbox repair expert can often rebuild a gearbox for significantly less than the cost of a new replacement and deliver it to you in much less time. An experienced repair team can fix and replace everything in-house required restore a gearbox to peak performance for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Gearbox Inspection and Evaluation

If you are not sure whether your gearbox should be repaired or replaced, start with a gearbox evaluation. A qualified gearbox repair shop will inspect, evaluate failure mode, and diagnose your gearbox issues to help you identify the most effective and cost efficient way to get you back up and running. Even if you do not have blueprints available, an experienced gearbox repair provider will be able to reverse engineer your gearbox to complete an evaluation and all needed repairs. Before doing any repair work, make sure that the shop provides you with a written statement of the engineered repair recommendations for your review and approval.

Beyond Gearbox Repair Services

In some situations gearbox repair is not enough. If a design flaw or incomplete upgrade caused the initial failure, the repair will only get you by until the problem occurs again. An experienced gearbox repair shop will analyze the components of your gearbox and identify design improvements and/or metallurgic changes that will enhance the gearbox’s performance. They can then perform a gearbox rebuild that upgrades its performance capabilities and assures its reliability.

If you are in need of industrial gearbox repair, Xtek offers complete reconditioning of industrial gearboxes of nearly all OEM brands. We are fully equipped to provide all gearbox services, offering you a turnkey repair solution. Xtek performs a complete evaluation of your gear box and provides a thorough explanation of our findings. Our in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing services ensure quality workmanship and fast turnaround. We also provide a warranty and guarantee on workmanship and materials so your rebuild will give you the same peace of mind as a new purchase. Give us a call to discuss your gearbox needs.



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