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Heavily loaded industrial components are replaced for a number of reasons, from wear, pitting and spalling to breakage as a result of metal fatigue. Most replacements – except those resulting from system failure, carelessness or neglect – are influenced by the surface hardness and microstructure imparted by the heat treating technology used in the manufacture of the component. In fact, of all the properties that go into the manufacturing of a component, none is more important to determine its service life than its degree of hardness and strength.

Xtek pioneered the Tool Steel Process (TSP), which has become the leading solution for hardness and wear resistance problems in heavy-duty gearing applications. TSP is a method of carburization that generates a uniform depth of hardness across the profile of the gear tooth and the root diameter — the most highly stressed portions of a gear. The result is unmatched strength and a significant extension of gear life.

This special TSP heat treating technology is now utilized in the manufacture of other critical components, such as coupling gearing, roll end casings, coupling thrust components, replacement gearing, sheave wheels, and rope drums.

Xtek TSP Carburizing and Hardening
Xtek carburized and hardened gearing (TSP) – Deep and uniform properties on profiler and root of gear teeth.
TSP Carburizing and Hardening
Gear tooth hardness is not always enough. Deep and uniform properties are critical in determining the ultimate performance of your gearing.
TSP Carburizing and Hardening
Typical compressive stress pattern of gear teeth at point of loading and bending stresses in the root radius.

Xtek TSP Carburizing and Hardening
High carbon, hardened case with a low carbon, soft ductile core.



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