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Rope Drums: Reconditioning

Rope Drums: Reconditioning photo
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Reconditioning your existing rope drum is a substantial saver of time and money when compared to purchasing new. More often than not, the grooves in a rope drum can be re-chased, allowing the rope drum to be reused. At Xtek, we take a very technical approach when determining whether or not your rope drum is a viable candidate for reconditioning.

First, we inspect the shell thickness across the length of the rope drum.

Second, we calculate the bending stress, crushing stress, and combined stress based on the shell thickness (along with other operating parameters) to ensure that the rope drum integrity is not compromised and that the rope drum is safe for reuse.

Next, we calculate the safety factor before reconditioning as well as our estimated safety factor after reconditioning for your review. We also provide the safety factor of a new rope drum for comparison purposes.

Lastly, after the rope drum has been machined, we measure the shell thickness and report the final safety factor for your records.

Xtek has reconditioned hundreds of rope drums with great success, providing our customers with substantial cost savings over the years. If you have a rope drum that you are considering replacing, contact your Xtek representative for our evaluation before you make that decision.

Example of rope drum before and after reconditioning:

Rope drum reconditioning before/after photos
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Rope drum reconditioning before/after photos
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