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Lifting Devices: Reconditioning

Xtek, Bradley Lifting and Avon Engineering provide reconditioning services for below-the-hook lifting equipment of all brands. Your equipment will be fully disassembled and inspected, and our service engineers will prepare a detailed inspection report noting mechanical and NDT inspection results of all critical components.

Our engineering team will also evaluate the design and verify that the rebuilt lifter is in full compliance with ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1 specifications.

We will complete the agreed upon repairs to your lifter with AWS certified welders. Your rebuilt lifter will be functionally tested to ensure compliance with the performance specifications.

Xtek, Bradley Lifting and Avon Engineering are ISO9001-2008 certified and have provided over 40 years of below-the-hook solutions.

For new or reconditioned below-the-hook lifting equipment, contact your Xtek representative.

Example of reconditioning and repair service:

Xtek reconditioning service before/after photos
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Xtek reconditioning service  reconditioning before/after photos
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Reconditioning Lifting Devices Example of reconditioning and repair. Click photo to enlarge