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Engineering Services from XtekXtek has built its reputation as a supplier of mechanical parts to heavy industry, where failure is not an option. Our service and reconditioning business is supported by dedicated mechanical and metallurgical engineers trained in servicing and improving the performance of mechanical crane components, Steel and Aluminum mill drive systems, industrial gearboxes and wheel assemblies found in many manufacturing applications. We welcome the challenge to evaluate your equipment to identify opportunities to upgrade its performance and reliability.

Engineering Services from XtekXtek Service and Repair Center Provides:

  • Failure analysis
  • Reverse engineer
  • Upgrade design
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Non-destructive inspection service
  • In house manufacturing and heat treating
  • Disassembly and assembly services
  • 24 hour breakdown service (513-733-7984)

Product Focus:

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Xtek Engineering Services Non-destructive testing of gearing.

Xtek Engineering Services Failure analysis.

Xtek Engineering Services Re-machined gear profile.