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Crane Wheels: Crane Wheel Assemblies

Crane Wheel AssembliesXtek's approach to the design and manufacturing of crane wheel assemblies is to provide superior shafts, bearing housings and bearings, along with our contour hardened track or crane wheel. Typically, Xtek wheel assemblies will include an AP-style bearing, originally developed for railroad use, which can provide millions of cycles without requiring lubrication.

Crane Wheel AssembliesAt the original design stage of a project, Xtek crane wheel assemblies allow the designer to utilize smaller diameter wheels or fewer wheels, reducing the initial equipment cost. On existing equipment, Xtek crane wheel assemblies provide the user additional load carrying capability and reduced maintenance costs.

Xtek Crane Wheel Assemblies are:

  • Designed to replace OEM assemblies without modifications to your existing equipment
  • Include Xtek's contour hardened crane and track wheels which provide a uniform contour hardness in the tread and inner flange wear surfaces, while maintaining a ductile core to resist shock loads
  • Resistant to flange fracture or wear
  • Designed to resist pitting and spalling

Advantages of Xtek Crane Wheel Assemblies:

  • Provide an additional 40% load carrying capability over rim toughened wheels
  • Reduce the maintenance cost of your wheels and wheel assemblies
  • Improve the life of your rail
  • Delivery in 8-10 weeks, less when required

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